Ghost Church

I really don’t know how you will ever get to this place. I don’t even know how we got there ourselves. We just started in Borgo Riola Vecchia and on our way to the mountain top, there  it was: the church we always wanted to find. During two years we are seeing the church top in the distance, on our way from or to Bologna.  You can spot the church top on the SS64 from Vergato to Porretta before you drive through the tunnel. We just couldn’t find it before, we did try. Serendipity exists.




And then, we finally got there. We had to risk the blackberries and in a couple of weeks you wouldn’t be able to get through anymore. We don’t know what happened to this place. It was completely in ruins. Was it the war? Was it just another abandoned place? It will stay a mystery. And as an Italian guy told us a week ago: we’d  rather keep it that way.


If ever you want a location to make a movie, or a photo shoot, don’t look for this place. Dream of it , picture it and go. I hope you will get there.



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